Nothing to Lose Waltz

Bob Bernie soulfully delivers his old-fashioned romantic song.

Recording at Home


We have yet to make an "official" recording. Someday! In the meantime we are gathering around our new Josephine mic from Ear Trumpet Labs and recording tunes during rehearsals in one take on one mic in whatever living room we happen to be. We have a big catalogue of songs to work our way through but we're happy to share as we go. Let us know what you think of the tunes.

Candle in the Window

Music and Lyrics by John Glover (2017).  On a cold night in the city, a father waits  alone hoping that his daughter is safe.

Shallow Love

Music and lyrics by Kate Murphy. An old-fashioned ragtime about an aquatic romance.

I'd be a Fool

Lyrics and Music by John Glover (2005). A man, somewhat dissolute in most areas of life, is an unabashed romantic.